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Why Choose Wesson’s Consulting

Guiding principles Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC pursues excellence in Public Safety service that makes a difference and meets the complex demands of the 21st century. Wesson’s Consulting will not shy away from complex issues because we understand the bigger picture and the demands of the community in today’s times. Our Dedication to service, Professionalism, commitment to excellence, our partnerships are designed to offer the most effective avenue in offering services that will motivate and not intimidate. We will lead leaders and provide services that will promote competency, advance knowledge, enhance standards of practice, and enhance ethical practices that has the goal of advancing public safety.   

Community impact- Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC embraces the opportunity of having a community impact. Wesson’s Public Safety firm will continue to demonstrate our socially conscious role in the communities we serve and will continue to be the agent for social change. It is Wesson’s Public Safety Firm’s belief and priority to have a positive impact on the community in which we serve. Dr. Wesson has continuously promoted numerous drives that include but not limited to, clothing, winter clothing items for children, food, school supplies for children, and hygienic items for victims of domestic violence shelters.


Dedication To Public Service


Committed to Excellence

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