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Focus Groups

-Trusting Relationships, Community involvement

Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC can begin and lead a focus group for your organization. The benefit of a focus group is that is it provides the staff a voice. Remember, “Everyone counts but everyone is accountable.” This is an excellent avenue to begin to start to understand the culture and environment of your organization. Often times we can start to build a strategic plan for your organization based off the focus groups. This is also an excellent time to begin to incorporate community stakeholders into the focus group.


The organized focus group setting allows for your organization to control the narrative while providing staff and community partners a voice, as they will be able to provide valuable feedback and information that will help shape your organization and become aligned with 21 st century practices that will help influence public safety. A full detailed report with recommendations will be provided to your organization following the completion of the focus groups.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

—  George Bernard Shaw

Study Group
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