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Program and Curriculum Development

-Committed to excellence

Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC will assess your organization’s programs (Career Development, Recruitment, Leadership, Educational etc..) and measure if the programs are effective in the manner of:


1) Is the program able or have the components to be sufficient for the intended purpose

2) What is the financial cost of the program, is that cost sustainable

3) Is the program making a difference on its targeted population

4) Is the program operational as its intended purpose

5) Who are the facilitators of the program?


In addition, Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC can design and develop programs for your organizational needs. Program and curriculum development will also focus on ensuring that your organization is utilizing evidence based practices that has the focus of promoting positive development of staff and is aligned with the organizations leadership and ethical practice as well as 21st century leadership. In addition, recommendations will focus on aligning your organization’s mission statement and core values to reflect positive social change. A full detailed report will be provided with recommendations once the analysis is complete.

Curriculum Vitae

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."

—  Vince Lombardi

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