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Over 18 years of Criminal Justice experience

​As the founder/CEO of Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC, Dr. Wesson’s vision derived from a strong desire to serve the public and private sector in the Criminal Justice/Public Safety field. He  was able to recognize that he had an undeniable desire to help people. Dr. Wesson has been employed in the private sector as well as the state level of Criminal Justice for the last 18 years. His experience and education has allowed him to develop a consulting firm that is based on a profound and unwavering belief that public safety is a high priority for the community and it stakeholders. Public Safety and ensuring public safety has a tendency to affect many levels of our communities. There is an economic impact as well as a psychological affect to name a couple, his  vision has always been to create a culture and environment that will allow and encourage prosperity amongst the community of individuals who reside and work in that community. The opportunity to provide information to the community and to those who serve the community was and still is exciting to him.  Dr. Wesson truly believes that providing information and becoming a guiding force will help us accomplish a very high level of public safety. In addition, having a clear understanding of the big picture and viewing and valuing each other as human beings first will allow us to instill the proper culture that will encourage social change. We want to focus on and encourage positive outcomes for the staff (public servants) but also the positive outcomes for the community as well. 


Finally, Dr. Wesson’s own history of working to achieve a high level of public safety through the lens of knowledge and leadership has molded the Wesson’s Public Safety consulting firm. Over the years he has been able to work with the community, the criminal justice/Public Safety agencies, social service agencies, the victims of crime, and the perpetrators. This has allowed him to have a view from different lens and has also allowed him to develop an overall understanding of the needs and purpose of each individual component of the system as a whole and more importantly to understand the individuals as people. I hope you will consider Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC for your organization’s consulting needs as we will help you address your agency’s needs and implement best practices for your organization. Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC strives to provide 21st century Public Safety service leadership and consulting that will motivate and not intimidate the population your agency serves.                

Purpose statement


Enhance Public Safety through advanced knowledge and ethical practice.

Mission statement 

To provide the highest quality of Criminal Justice/Public Safety and Behavioral Services to promote competency, knowledge, standards of practice and ethical practices.

Core values 

                          -  Trusting Relationships (Cooperation and Partnerships)

                          -   Quality of Service and Pursuit of Excellence

                          -   Community

                          -   Equal Justice and Fairness to all

                          -   Accountability to the Taxpayer (Everyone counts, but everyone is accountable) 

                          -   Honesty and Integrity

Trusting Relationships (Cooperation and Partnerships)- Having trusting relationships allows us to navigate the complex issues we face in the 21st century. In addition, having trusting relationships allows us to resolve conflicts in healthy avenues, which in turn allows our communities to prosper.   

Quality of Service and Pursuit of Excellence- Motivated by ethical treatment for all and professionalism to our community we serve. Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC is committed to superior service. We take pride in providing information that has the goal of increasing knowledge and increasing standards of excellence.  

Community- As a community we shall have a sense of fellowship with others, sharing the same common attitudes, interests, and goals. In addition, having a sense of community encourages cooperation, protection, support structure, which all supports Public Safety. 


Equal Justice and Fairness to all- Integrating human rights, and proper human development that foster and encourages a culture that is trustworthy and fair to all. Treatment, policies, and procedures must be fair and equal to all. 


Accountability to the Taxpayer (Everyone counts, but everyone is accountable) - Our Public Services departments must take responsibility for our decisions, and actions. Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting firm accepts responsibility for our decisions to help increase Public Safety.  


Honesty and Integrity- With honesty we are truthful and sincere, we will do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, and we believe this is what makes success. Integrity is our state of mind and is not situational. 

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