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Staff Analysis

-Trusting Relationships, Skills for a Change

Wesson’s consulting will provide an overview of your organizational staffing needs. We will also provide assessments of current staffing personnel. We will also conduct focus groups, face to face interviews, and surveys to help us measure the perceptions and concerns of the organization. In understanding the thoughts and perceptions of the current staff, this, we believe this will help us understand the culture of your organization. In addition, Wesson’s Consulting feels this is vital, because culture influences behavior, as understanding the culture of the organization will help us in recommending a solution.

Staff analysis may highlight areas of concern at your organization that include but not limited to:

  • Lack of or ineffective supervision

  • Poor Morale

  • Lack of understanding of the Big Picture

  • Difficulty in adapting to and with a multi-generational community and workforce

  • Retention and Recruitment issues


Supportive policies and procedures are avenues to address most issues. However, providing advanced knowledge, effective leadership that will motivate social change and ethical practice will also help change and address staff issues as well. Furthermore, additional considerations are provided on an as needed basis(political environment, racial sensitivity etc..)   


Reports findings and Recommendations

After conducting and reviewing the staff analysis, Wesson’s Public Safety Consulting, LLC will provide an in-depth report that will cover and highlight findings, recommendations, best possible solutions, and action plans to address any and all issues.         

At the Office
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