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Leadership Development

-Integrity, Professionalism, Dedication to Public service, Leadership that will motivate and not intimidate. 

Strong and effective leadership is the foundation of a healthy culture and healthy organization. In addition, most supervisors or staff with rank have been exposed to some level leadership or supervision training prior to becoming a supervisor. However, there is a gap, as most supervisors have had leadership training; very few have had formal organized training in being a coach or mentor.


Furthermore, leadership (supervisors) in the 21st century will need to understand the principles of mentoring and coaching as they will face challenging situations with staff and they must be able to motive and not intimidate their staff. Today’s leadership must be able to inspire, influence, be authentic in their leadership, be emotionally intelligent, and be able to develop the staff they supervise. At Wesson’s Consulting we can help with coaching and mentoring and developing leaders as well as developing leadership that will enhance the overall performance of your organization or department.     


"When we study together, we learn together, we work together, and we prosper together."

—  President Obama

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